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Sympathy Flowers

there are so many ways to express your sympathy when sending flowers - the style and form you choose reflects how you feel for your special friend, business associate or family relation. while many on line flower shops follow a cookie cuter approach little flower box really takes into account your sentiment on a personal level and will always try to convey that sentiment into your individual order when you choose little flower box to send your sympathy flower order.

when you browse through our website consider really that any of the arrangements or bouquets can be suitable for sympathy flowers - it really all depends on who has passed, how old they were, their gender and relationship to the flower give. sometimes a touch of colour in a sympathy flower arrangement can be a breath of fresh air for the recipient as typically sympathy flowers are whites and greens. for female sympathy flowers we suggest the addition of a touch of pastel pink can sometimes be a welcome touch, for male sympathy flowers it doesn’t have to be natives when there is such a wide range of orchids and warm rich toned roses that can sometimes bring solace to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

consider also when sending sympathy flowers that a living orchid plant can sometimes be appropriate. little flower box has a huge range of sizes and colours available for immediate delivery to most suburbs of melbourne.

the beauty of sympathy flowers though, and in this case we refer to cut flowers whether presented as a bouquet presented either as tight poise (i.e. tightly packed all of same length using roses, freesia, sweet pea, ranunculi and the like) or a sheaf style (i.e. flowers of different lengths and sizes layered amounts each other which can include cymbidium orchids and colombian roses as well as hydrangea, stop flower, spray roses, hypericum berry and long white singapore orchids) is that the flowers themselves have a limited lifespan and the actual act of enjoying the flowers open to their full beauty is comforting to the viewer,. moreover, the act of removing the flowers from the vase and retiring to earth can be of itself a cathartic and act on behalf of the receiver - gradually assisting in the grieving process.

of course, you may want to consider that while gifting a bouquet of flowers requires the recipient to unwrap the flowers and place them in a vase can be a lovely comforting duty for the recipient as they gently handle the fresh cut flowers and place them in a vase there is also an alternative that should be considered in some sympathy circumstances.

the key one being if the recipient may be expecting several sympathy bouquets from colleges, friends and family them it may be appropriate to send flowers presented in a box or with a vase. all boxes sent out by little flower box are totally organic and biodynamic. vases can be recycled and the flowers arrive at their destination exactly as intended. little flower box only make sympathy flower arrangements in vases or boxes set in floral oasis. the floral oasis gives the flowers a longer vase life and of course they are delivered anywhere in melbourne exactly as they left little flower box’s templestowe store. so when that sad day comes and you need to send sympathy flowers you can rely on little flower box for same day service and the knowledge that your flowers will be selected from one of the widest ranges of flowers available in the melbourne metropolitan area.

we are also able to arrange flowers for funerals be it wreaths, sheafs or any other requirement you may have for sympathy flowers. we can deliver directly to any funeral directors in melbourne and are familiar with most customs of churches and places of worship. feel free to call the shop anytime on 9846 6526 for a personalised service.