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New Baby Flowers

there’s nothing much more exciting than a new baby being born into the world - that precious moment will be remembered forever. ask a friend who has a child of at least 10 years of age and ask them if they can remember if they received any flowers either at home or at the hospital - you might be surprised to learn that over 90% of women do remember that they received flowers and who had sent them. 70% will recall the colours or some of the flower types they received while some 60% will remember the actual florist responsible for preparing the flowers.

having a baby really is one of the highlights of a lifetime and so it is fitting to send something appropriate and that has mother and baby in mind. traditionally florist have suggest the old pink for a girl and blue for a boy routine. but with modern floristry and the artisanal flower arrangers around these days there’s a lot more on offer. at little flower box we listen carefully to you and can often “read your mind” when we read your message. why not have a touch of warm oranges and purples for a new born bay boy and why not mix it up a bit for a fresh born baby girl by incorporating soft coloured orchids and spray roses along with berry? when flowers are going to the hospital it’s best to present in a box or a vase, glass is great because the recipient can see the water level and top up so the flowers have a chance to open and live as long as possible.

we don’t recommend lilies per say for the new bay occasion when the flowers are being sent to a hospital as many hospitals won’t allow oriental lilys, or asciatic lilys as the scent can upset sensitive patients noses in the same wards. the Hepworth hospitals for example won’t allow them at all.

besides that don’t go too overboard on the budget and try to keep the footprint small - you don’t want the flowers taking up too much space in the hospital room. so when you’re thinking about flowers for a new born baby, write the message first then call us or place your order using our easy to use website and select your flowers from there or use the express check out feature and leave the rest to us. your in good hands with little flower box - and remember our friendly couriers will make sure your flowers arrive in perfect condition - many of our couriers are known by name at the nurses station of major melbourne hospitals including the box hill, the Epworth, st vincents, freemasons, frances perry house and the mercy at heidelberg so you be sure your baby flowers are in great hands.

why not add on a small new baby greeting card so the recipient has a token they can remember forever….little flower box, at your service for your new baby flower needs