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Congratulations Flowers

everybody loves to be congratulated and you will be too when you choose little flower box to suit the temperament of your congratulatory message to accompany your flower order. perhaps someone has done something amazing for your business, brought in a new client, exceeded sales targets or has shown their loyalty by staying with you for a decade…

either way, when you say congratulations with flowers there is a double edged sword of goodness that is to be enjoyed - on the one hand the recipient is overwhelmed, and literally so especially if you choose the “bottom of the garden” fishbowl arrangement or a lavish sheaf of lush orchids and roses gift wrapped and ribboned to perfection. and on the other side of the sword you will be delighted when you see the look of delight on the recipients face.

do however bear in mind that when giving flowers to say congratulations, it is worthwhile to consider how the recipient will be travelling home - if they are at work and are catching public transport home the little flower box fishbowl arrangement may be a little tricky to keep horizontal on a train or bus or tram - in this case a sheaf of beautiful flowers is more appropriate as they can be carried at basically any angle.

rest assured little flower box have plenty of experience in preparing flowers for congratulations - these include for stage plays and shows with many matinee and evening deliveries to hamer hall under our belt - oh, and we never do the same thing twice, with a shop full of exquisite blooms including rare orchids and stunning colombian roses as well as your “cotswolds” style country fluffy flowers such as snaps, hellebores, freesia and who can overlook a beautiful tulip.

all of our congratulations bouquets are heavily wet packed and superbly wrapped in such a way that the flowers will stay fresh even if they don’t reach a vase until the day after the performance.

what ever your reason for wanting to say congratulations you can rely on little flower box to add that certain je ne sais quoi?

to any occasion. call our friendly team on 9846 6526 to place your order - you can usually pick up from store within 30 minutes and we can get flowers to most suburbs of melbourne including eltham, doncaster, donvale, bullpen, kew, ivanhoe and heidelberg within 2 hours of placing your order. little flower box, here and happy to help.