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Apology Flowers

how to say sorry in a meaningful way - say it with apology flowers - it may just be that you need to say sorry for a mistake you’ve made with a client - perhaps you din’t attend their open for inspection - or you din’t make it to their party or event because, well you simply forgot, or your sorry that your dog got out and into their yard and chewed up one of their favourite pair of shoes they had sitting on the back porch - it doesn’t matter what, why or how it happened - you just want to put things right with apology flowers so you can say sorry in a very humble yet beautiful way - the beauty of giving apology flowers when you need to say sorry is actually two fold - first, there’s the flowers themselves which are going to be beautiful every time you order from little flower box, tight compact and presented beautifully overtime. the second aspect is that as we always recommend fresh cut flowers presented as a bouquet (yes that’s right as a bouquet which means hand tied, wet packed and beautifully gift wrapped) as opposed to arrangement in glass or a living plant.

the beauty of the hand tied bouquet is that they leave a lovely impression on the receiver at the point of reception but then once they have done their thing and bloomed they have a finite shelf life - which means that your apology flowers don’t stay around forever - hence the receiver can simply dispense with the flowers and when this happens the most cathartic inner selff experience ties palace and with the action of wither putting the flowers into the garden or recycling bin - the act of saying sorry is over and the thought has been with the receiver that yu intend to give when they were first received. so you see, apology flowers are great because if you like they have a beginning and en end - so pick up the phone of jump onto our easy to use website and make an order - we suggest keeping the message really brief and letting the flowers do the talking.

and when you are thinking of what flowers to send don’t go overboard - keep it very simply usually a hand tied bouquet of some softer coloured blooms will do the trick - we recommend spending no more that $50 but ensuring you select high quality blooms so that your sorry message is properly interpreted by the receiver. trust little flower box to get you apology flowers to the receiver same day 6 days a week to every metropolitan suburb of melbourne. say it with little flower box and leave a lasting impression. our friendly team is ready to tae your call right now and can even help personalise your message to suit the temperament of your apology flowers