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Anniversary Flowers

"anniversary flowers, possibly one of the finest reasons for giving flowers" - so says "fancy flower fella” (flower critic and florist to the stars) - speaking via Skype after finishing a mid week soiree flower installation for the duke and duchess of denmark, this is a transcript of parts of his interview.

Interview: so Fancy what is it about wedding anniversary’s that inspires you to create such incredible arrangements…

fancy: may i just take a moment to clarify that my love for this reason to give flowers is not so much just about anniversary’s of wedding per se, erhhh…moreover anniversary’s in general - for instance it could well be the anniversary of first meeting that special soul, the first embrace, or perhaps the anniversary of that first moment when eye to eye contact first went deep to the soul. in the world of fancy; all of the anniversary’s are sacrosanct and deserve to be commemorated through the ancient art of flower giving…

Interviewer: can we take that one step further please fancy….

fancy: well i most certainly intend to - you see the science and psychology of gift giving today is such that the recipient is proven to be much more satisfied with an experience as opposed to, how can i say, a random piece of chindagoo (material item for the unititiated) - well that is to say a solid object. why is this so i hear you ask - well it’s simply because flowers represent an experience - an experience is increasingly preferred worldwide to the presentation chindagoo….

so join the dots and contemplate the cut flower as an experience - from the grower , the picker, the packer, the florist and then the recipient all with the thoughts and emotions of the buyer entwined into one singularly spectacular display of both love and nature - that’s what I truly believe anniversary flowers offer an experience that will live on in the heart of the recipient for a jolly long time indeed..

interview: ok, thanks for that fancy….