Ivanhoe Flower Delivery

with ivanhoe being just down the road it’s covered by our zone 1 flat fee delivery for just $15 so you can send the ivanhoe georgie porgie which happens to be the most popular flower arrangement our clients have sent to their friends, loved ones and colleagues over the past 12 months from our entire range, suitable for a variety of occasions, georgie porgy seems to be very well received by the lovely people of ivanhoe. little flower box has had many phone calls from the recipients in ivanhoe upon receiving the ivanhoe georgie porgy as this flower arrangement of roses and orchids set in a rose gold vase seems to capture their imagination and say so many things at once - it’s unique, stylish and modern yet still classic and elegant. you can order on line right now for same day delivery - just start by typing you message to accompany the flowers to the right of your screen - we hand write every note as we are real people passionate about making everything perfect for our clients sending flowers to ivanhoe. or feel free to browse our portfolio of other flower arrangements as you would in a library until you find what you feel is best suited to the temperament of your loved one or colleague in ivanhoe. little flower box and gerogie porgie ivanhoe - we’re only too happy to help.

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