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a rose, a rose my kingdom for a rose! a rose is a rose to most but not to us at little flower box, we stock 30 different coloured long stemmed colombian roses including 4 different whites being Mondial, Tibet, Prouds and Creme de la Creme’s. In the pink range we have hot pinks both Topaz and Pink Floyds, in the pastels we have tiffany, engagement, luciano and mother of pearl, then in the yellow we have yellow bikini and sunshine yellow.

please note we do not stock red roses on a regular basis - why may you ask - it’s just with so many beautiful colours available its nice to have a change from the red which has over time become a tad cliched - consider a hot pink or even a cherry o which is a rich crimson tone verging on red but with an understated elegance.

then we have an extra deluxe range of kenyan grown batman roses - these roses are very large headed and have a very high petal count on very strong thick stems. in spray roses we always stock pinks and whites. at little flower box we’ve learned the colours and textures out clients prefer when it comes to roses and so our stock selection reflects this.

of course, as you will find when browsing our easy to order website we will usually incorporate several other flower types in a supporting role to the roses - think seasonal like ranunculi in spring, tulips that we have in stock for least eight months of the year and then of course there’s freesia and hypericum berry - small and dainty florals to accent your big headed colombian roses to perfection.

so if you’re looking for roses remember they are timeless and perfect for any occasion and your flower delivery , be it to toorak, kew or doncaster will be perfectly presented and delivered same day when you need it. just hop onto our easy to order website and select your rose arrangement or bouquet and take comfort in knowing the recipient will be delighted with the roses and the emotions they convert. little flower box - here to help with roses when you need them - our friendly staff are awaiting your call or on line order right now.