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orchids are natives to many countries including australia however the cut flower orchids stocked at little flower box mainly are grown in thailand, malaysia, vietnam and japan where they occur naturally in nature.

we stock cymbidium orchids, singapore orchids in 3 different sizes as well as bright coloured vanda and mochara orchids. we also stock tiger orchids and oncidium orchids (we stock the rarer baby face oncidium as opposed to the more common dancing lady type.

when selecting a gift why not consider the belly vase range which is available in 4 sizes and price points. the belly vase range has been developed such that the perfect micro environment for the orchid is created inside the vase itself. we start with some fresh moss - green and when available white coral moss which helps to keep the water fresh for the life of your cut orchid. we can place two three or more stems dependent on the vase size to create a very natural looking arrangement resembling a garden in a glass vase.

if you are considering sending a flowering plant we stock these too - little flower box sends out phalenopsis orchids to suburbs of melbourne six days a week - all our potted orchids are presented in glass with fresh moss and come gift boxed for easy transport. while we offer a good range on line feel free to pick up the phone and speak directly with our friendly staff who will be able to update you on the day as to what we have in stock for your flower order.

bear in mind that as we have unfettered access to the most premium orchid farms in australia who grow living orchids we often have plants you just won’t find anywhere else - from multi flora branding type orchids to extra large and tall specimens we can really help you make a statement when selecting a flowering orchid plant for a colleague, friend or loved one.

little flower box are experts when it comes to orchids and we have the techniques and style to ensure your flowering gift will stay healthy and beautiful for as long as nature intended. whether you are choosing flowers for someone recovering from illness or injury or perhaps to celebrate a special occasion, and no matter whether that person resides in templestowe, doncaster, donvale or eaglemont rest assured we have it well and truly covered and your gift will be truly treasured by the recipient. hop on the phone and speak to our friendly florists or utilise our easy to use website to assist with your orchid needs.