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Hat Box Flowers

You can leave your hat on while you consider how your loved one will feel when they receive one of our gorgeous bespoke hat boxes. Suiting a wide range of budgets and styles the hat box range of little flower box is available for same day delivery 6 days a week to over 500 suburbs of melbourne.

while hat boxes currently seem to be very much in vogue, little flower box has been creating and delighting thousands of recipients across melbourne since 2012. over this time and of course in no small part to the growth of instagram, and hatboxes being so well, we like to put it "cup cake ish" its really no surprise that they have been growing in popularity. for, like cup cakes, they look good enough to eat but are also sooo incredibly instagramable...

when choosing a hat box of flowers for your loved one, consider what sort of person they are and how the flowers you are selecting for them tens to be very much a selection of who they are as a person and how they feel - for a more classic and elegant personality type try the softer neutral tones of white, creme and blush while for the vivacious and bubbly personality stronger brighter colours often work a treat.

just settle on a style that suits your occasion and budget feel free to make a note in the checkout section specifying that you would prefer a particular colour and we will oblige for you - say for instance you like the “high top hat box” but you want it in all white just let us know at the checkout and that’s what will be delivered.

ordering on line has never been easier and the system mimics the way we take phone and over the counter orders in store - first select your flowers then write the note to accompany the flowers, from there select the date the flowers are required then tick if its pick up or delivery - if delivery you’ll enter the street address, then check out and rest assured when delivery has been completed you’ll receive a confirmation email to say so.

finally you don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impression - if you don’t want to make too much of a scene but still leave a sweet and gentle feeling with the recipient when they are presented with the incy wincy teeny weeny baby hat box for just $45, the mini mini hat box at $75 the hand picked hat box at $125 and the high top hat box chiming in at $200 if you really want to make a splash.

so let your fingers do the talking while you dial up the hat box to send shivers down the spine of your loved one when they receive the original flower hat boxes made with love and designed by nature with you in mind. you can order 24/7 via our website and collect in store or order by 1pm for flower delivery same day.